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Clays, Sorbents Menerals 

Activated Charcoal & Process Water Clarifier

Activated Alumina  

Molecular Sieve 

Selexsorb Acid

Pleated Paper

Water Removal





General overview of Jaxon Filtration's product line.

Fuller's Earth Elements and Bags

Removal of Acids, Oxidation Products, Surfactants, Additives, Soaps, Colors, and other soluble contaminants from: Jet Fuel, Lubrication Oils, Hydraulic Oil, Quench Oil, Insulating Oil, Mineral Spirits, and Solvents


Bulk Fuller's Earth

Bulk Fuller's Earth for acid removal and surfactant removal in refineries, transformer repair shops, and other industries.


Activated Alumina

Activated Alumina adsorbs acids and other products of oxidation, also designed for purification of conventional and synthetic lubrication oils used in mechanical vacuum pumps.


Activated Carbon

Adsorption of dissolved contaminants from air, amines, gas , glycols, water, and other process streams.  Available in bulk and canister form.


Pleated Paper

Variety of pleated medias including cellulose, microglass, stainless steel mesh, and many others for particulate removal from 1/2 micron to 200 micron.  Available in industry standard sizes or custom fit for your specific application.